Awakening You

No matter what stage you are at in life there is always room to advance fine tuning your unique, wonderful character. You have many amazing talents and dreams that need to be put out into the universe! You were born just the way you are and you are absolutely perfect, because you have a very important satisfying job to do here in this world.

Through our inspirational tools we will help you to unleash your ultimate femWeapon! A femWeapon can be anything you desire and most likely it is something you already possess you just need some guidance and healing to bring it into being. 

Life is such a miracle and has unlimited possibilities. Let's dive into this wonderful journey together and walk the magical path to becoming the amazing, gorgeous, powerful, feminine women we were meant to be. Cheers!* May we influence, touch lives and spread joy and positivity around & around! :)

Some of the tools to helping you receive your Fem Weapon permit include:

     *   Guided Meditations

     *   Self Help Workshops

     *   Yoga Podcasts

     *   Journal Topics

     *   Fitness Tips