Thursday, February 3, 2011

Astrology Week with Chinese New Year!...

How is your week going ladies?.. I wanted to do an Astrological post since the Chinese New Year is based on the zodiac happenings and coincides with the Aquarius New Moon. In Chinese Astrology 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit rules the fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac and is considered to be a lucky omen. Because Aquarius is an impersonal sign that prefers the head to the heart, you can use the New moon to experiment with new ideas and have fun relating strangers. Communications take on a lighter note the day after the New Moon, when Mercury leaves dutiful Capricorn and joins the Sun in idealistic Aquarius for the next three weeks. Under this airy influence, all forms of communication and networking could burn up the airwaves. On Saturday Venus also makes a sign change that could downshift your love life into a more serious gear. That's the day Venus leaves Sagittarius and enters commitment-loving Capricorn. With Venus in this mode of the next four weeks you might want to start shopping for a ring!

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